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Author Notes

This page is dedicated to everyone that has said, “this can’t possibly get any more awkward” over the course of the chapter. XD

Anyway, it’s a very busy page. And pretty colorful. It was kind of a pain to draw because the crowd is bigger than normal (and they’re not all wearing the same uniform), but visually, I really like this page a lot. It’s just a little bit more active than usual too. 

So… uh, where do we go from here? I want you to know that this got extra tricky right here, because really, depending on who speaks next (and about what) the story could go in an obscene number of directions. Your thoughts?


I don't know. I just...
What're you guys just standing out here for?
Oh hey! You must be Ruby? I'm Ryan's brother, Aiken.
No. That's Kylie, our downstairs neighbor. Whom I'm deeply surprised to see... Especially like this... Very interesting...
This can't possibly get any more awkward...
Hello, my darling honeymuffin!

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