Rain:259: Identity

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And in the other car… stuff happens!

Sorry, I don’t know what else to add.


Tell me again why couldn't I ride with Ryan?
And why am I here?
Ruby, because Aiken's the one that can't learn anything unless Rai- er, Ryan is ready to do so. And Gavin is much less likely to blurt something out accidentally.
And Kylie, because you clearly came over like that for some reason. The timing is a little... awkward, given the situation. But as long as half the crew is playing an atypical game of dress-up anyway, then I think this a perfect opportunity to get to know your friends. Like, as in REALLY get to know them.
Uh, thanks?
But let me at least get this straight. I think I get that Rudy's a boy but dresses as a girl sometimes. But I'm still a little confused about Rain.
Transsexual, Kylie. It's what I thought you were at first. She's male, genetically-speaking. But she prefers to identify herself as female, because that's who she is inside.
And what are you, exactly?
I... don't know.

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