Rain:25: Awkward

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Debbie asks Rain if she has a spare pad, and Rain happily reveals that she has both pads and tampons. Gavin looks on with confusion, annoying Debbie.

Author Notes 

This may actually be one of my favorite joke pages to date, and one of the few that date back many years to the original version of the story. Rain’s neuroticism knows no bounds.

I can only wonder what’s going through Gavin’s mind right now...


I want to do my best to try and give Gavin space like Aunt Fara suggested.
Hey, Rain! This is really kind of embarrassing but do you have a spare pad by chance?
Sure. I have tampons too if you have a preference.
Whoa! You're so... prepared.
Hey, Gavin, do you have a staring problem or something? Our conversation doesn't concern you.
Ugh... MEN... Am I right?
Um... y-yeah...
...He's always just kind of there for all of the most awkward situations.

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