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Author Notes

We close the chapter with Maria and Chanel, neither of whom having done much lately. For Chanel, that’s probably not too surprising, but for Maria to have been out of the picture for so long felt odd even to me. She has a pretty heavy reason for not wanting to get involved with the current drama (mentioned earlier in this chapter), but based on panel four, it would be hard to call that the ONLY reason. I mean, their relationship still isn’t outwardly stated, but this is (according to my memory without looking), the third time we’ve seen Maria and Chanel hold hands. And this time, quite publicly. 

What can I say? I felt this chapter needed a delightfully cute ending. ^_^

And yes, they just came out of the movies. The poster next to the door is for “The Brownie: An Impulsive Odyssey”, displaying what they saw. And before you strain your eyes, the words on the top read, “From the director of the ‘Earl of the Bangles’ trilogy”. I tried my very hardest to make it look like the poster for The Hobbit without looking… like it. Because, like any of the parodies I include in this comic, it’s basically the same exact thing, but not.

See you next chapter!


Meanwhile? At Centerville Mall
Maria and Chanel are leaving what appears to be a cinema

Oh my god. That was so cool!
I know, right?
Wanna grab a bite to eat? It'll be my treat since you got the movie.

Maria and Chanel hold hands

You think everyone else is having as great a day as we're having?
I don't know. Rain had family visiting today. Probably a pretty boring day for her.

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