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Author Notes

This page was filled with big revelations… for ME, as the writer. For instance, it was only now that I realized that absolutely nobody is wearing a jacket. Even though it’s December. Even though Aiken is CLEARLY shown in the previous chapter arriving with a coat on. Bluh. I’m not going back and changing it, and I’m not going to suddenly zap coats on everyone and pretend like they were always there. Off the record, we’re just going to pretend the weather is REALLY mild today. Global warming, or something.

Also, the Kellen/Colin exchange wasn’t in the initial script. It wasn’t until I accidentally typed Ruby saying “Somebody named Kellen” that I realized I may have made two names a little TOO similar. I decided to keep Kellen’s mention, but for no real particular reason. In a way, I’m just poking fun at myself. The irony is that no one would probably have given it a second thought if I didn’t make a big deal of it right here. Rambling, for the win.

Finally, this page originally had a very different punchline. After Aiken’s line in panel 5, I was going to have an awkward silence, followed by virtually any of the characters (except Rain, obviously) going, “So, um… the mall?” When I scripted it, I laughed. But when I drew it, I thought it felt flat. This alternate punchline, I think works a lot better: it reminds our audience of the ongoing theme of Aiken’s elusive fiancée, and allows Kylie and Gavin a little more screen time. Besides, Ruby is so good at playing up the “gossipy teenage girl” act… it’s not even a stretch from his usual “gossipy teenage boy” personality.

Whew... long-winded one today. ^_^


Change of plans, I guess. Her phone rang, and she pulled in here.
Who was it?
Some... er... Somebody named Colin.
You mean, Kellen? Yeah, that's my sister. She's always calling. But why'd she stop for that?
No, darling. Colin. She asked me to check who it was since she was driving. And when I told her, she pulled in, parked here, shooed us out and I would guess she's talking to him now.
Colin? I... don't know who that is.
Either a boyfriend or... yeah, probably a boyfriend.
And here she is grilling me on my love life when she doesn't talk about her own.
OOH~! You mean there's a Mrs. Big Brother?
Rudy's scary sometimes.
Welcome to my world.

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