Rain:263: Good News

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Colin calls Fara and explains that he got tickets to a convention where Chiaki Koizumi, the creator of Black Wings Kaminari, will be present. He wants to meet Rain and give her the tickets on Christmas, unaware that Rain is trans or that she is putting on a boy facade for Aiken. Fara hangs up in frustration, unsure how she can avoid either Aiken or Colin finding out about Rain.

Author Notes

For the record, since Rain and Colin have never met, he would only know her as “Rain”. After all, what reason would Fara have to mention this to him? Unlike the current Rain/Aiken dilemma going on, Fara’s not really hiding anything. Colin literally doesn’t need to know. And under normal circumstances, he probably never would. But on Christmas, Aiken will still be there.

In other words, within the next couple days in the story, either Aiken is going to HAVE to find out the truth about Rain, or Colin is. Or both. Ideally before Christmas. Otherwise, this is going to a huge mess (as if it wasn’t already).


So what's the occasion, Colin? You sound excited.
I snagged tickets for you and Rain to go to a convention in the area this coming January.
Oh my god! Really?
Chiaki Koizumi, creator of "Black Wings, Kaminari" will be there. And I've even been able to pull some strings that your niece will have the opportunity to meet her personally.
That's incredible!
There's even going to be a screening of the first official trailer for the anima adaption.
Colin, I love you. This is amazing!
I was thinking of giving the tickets to Rain for Christmas. I'd really like to finally meet her and give her the tickets personally.
Oh... you mean... like... THIS Christmas...? Can I call you back?

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