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Rain continues her inner monologue on each of her peers. This section is about Rudy.

Rudy is supportive. However, he asks many questions about Rain and Transsexual people in general. These questions 'imply an utter lack of tact' (direct quote) and demonstrate how little he knows about trans people in general.

Maria tells him to shut up, and that he's being rude. However, she then, to her embarrassment, expresses interest in knowing how Rain made her breasts. Rudy looks on in amusement (perhaps thinking that she's [not so above it all]....)

Author Notes 

Welcome to my world. I’ve been asked every last one of these questions at one time or another (many of them, more than once). Most of these (and many others) tend to be more likely to induce a facepalm than an answer.

Now, please don’t misunderstand. If someone has questions for me about transsexuality for the sake of better understanding the situation and condition and whatnot, I would be happy to educate others on what I have learned and experienced over the years. I mean, it’s certainly better to ask questions (whether good or not so good) than to make derogatory remarks or accusations. I guess they’re not technically invalid questions, but think of it like this: When I tell someone I’m transgendered, it tends to be a less than easy task for me. So when I entrust this heavy aspect of my life which for better or worse has made me everything I am today, and the first question I get is “do you sit to pee”, I’m going to feel just a little bit insulted.

Anyway, venting aside it IS supposed to be a joke page. I mean, normally I don’t get barraged like this (thankfully). ^_^

Also worth noting is the extremely experimental page layout. I hope it’s not too hard to follow. Just start at the top and follow it down.


And then there's Rudy. I can't quite figure him out yet. He's definitely a supportive friend, but his constant questions seem to imply an utter lack of tact.
Do you mind if I ask you something, Rain?
So, do you sit to pee?
In fact, I've never seen you go into the Bathroom. Do you use the boys room or the girls room?
And do you wear panties or briefs or boxers?
How do you make your boobs look so real?
Do you like guys or girls?
If you were to like guys, does that make you gay or straignt?
Do you still dress like that when no one is around?
What made you decide to do this anyways?
Rudy, can you please shut up. You're being so rude.
Although I think I'd like to know how you made your breasts too...
Um... You know... Just for the sake of curiosity...

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