Rain:272: Easy

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Rain and Ruby enter the clothing store Eternal 18. Ruby encourages Rain to try on a dress to cheer her up.

Author Notes

Sometimes things are rough. Sometimes they’re just… not. Really. It happens.

Few notes: the clothing store “Eternal 18” is a play on “Forever 21”. To be perfectly forward about this, I’m not pleased with the parody this time around. Unfortunately, most clothing stores are just a person’s name, making it very difficult to come up with a clear parody. 

Also, I prove once again that I’m not above a shameless cameo once in a while. The texting clerk is actually Carlie Hunter, one of the main characters from a more recent story concept known as Impure (the prologue of which should be posted on my DeviantArt account soon). I’d considered using pretty much any of the main female cast from that story here, but I stuck with Carlie since she’s actually IN the prologue. 

If you’re interested in Impure (just know that it’s VERY different than Rain), you can learn more here - Link


A clothing store!? What are you thinking? This isn't going to cheer me up. I won't be able to lok at anything I'd be interested in like this!
Are you even listening!?
At this point, I'm trying not to, but yes, I do hear you.
Do you like this dress?
Um... Y-yeah...
Go try it on. The clerk's too busy texting to care.
But doesn't she have to unlock the door?
Excuse me, can I try something on?
You betcha.
There you go.
There you go.
That was... easy.

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