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Chase asks Aiken whether he has married Jessica yet. Aiken dodges the question before revealing that Chase used to be engaged to Kellen. Chase asks Aiken if he has any sisters aside from Kellen.

Author Notes

And here we learn a little bit about Chase and… Kellen? Oh, my.

Although at least we can finally see the connection; why Rain seemed so familiar to Chase, but she didn’t know him. Although, believe it or not, part of the revelation here was subtly hinted at an even longer time ago (simply refer to Page 109 - Those Left Behind).


Oh, I saw your commercial. About a hundred times. I didn't realize that meant you lived around here.
I don't actually. I'm just visiting my aunt and little brother for Christmas.
That's nice. You married that chick yet? From the commercial? She's hot, dude.
Uh... thanks. No. Not... yet.
Don't tell me you're getting cold feet now.
Says the guy who called off his engagement with my sister after two years. I mean, I don't entirely blame you; she IS crazy. But still, you're not in any position to be judging someone for thinking they're not ready to marry.
Your sister...?
Stupid question. How many sisters do you have?
Sorry buddy. Just one. And a brother. But you can't marry him.
Not what I meant!

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