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Maria asks Rain how she plans to deal with gym class. Maria's concern is that in the (rather revealing) gym uniforms, Rain will be exposed as Transgender.

Rain replies that there is no need to worry, as Fara, when enrolling Rain, claimed she had asthma and was thus unable to participate in gym class. Rain would be taking a study hall instead.

The conversation then turns to Father Quenton Morrison. He has a reputation for cruelty among the students, but Maria reassures Rain that 'I doubt he would REALLY go out of his way to cause trouble for the students'.

....Cut to Morrison telephoning the gym teacher and ordering Rain to be put in the gym class, brushing off the concerns about asthma with 'she should have an inhaler'.

Author Notes

Fun fact: I was originally going to keep gym class out of this story altogether. My line thinking was, “I’ll just come up with some excuse, because getting Rain through gym undetected would probably make things so much harder for her.” My first - and only halfway decent - excuse was to give Rain asthma. But then, I asked someone who had asthma if that was plausible, and she said, “maybe if it’s REALLY bad. I still went to and enjoyed gym class.”


But it was after that that I sort of realized I was just trying to avoid this whole thing out of laziness. So, I told myself to get over it. I’m going all out with every other aspect of the story, why get lazy about THIS of all things? Hence as a result, I actually kept Rain being asthmatic and am still making her take gym class. And heck, this page as a whole is sort of me poking fun at myself for trying to cop out of potentially good drama - trying SO hard to get out of it to have my best idea shot down in seconds.

That’ll learn me to try and be lame like that. ^^;


Okay, but seriously. Here's a question for you. What are you going to do about gym class?
I mean, you look really good and all, but people are gonna know as soon as you undress.
No worries. Aunt Fara took care of that when she enrolled me. I'll be having a study hall instead of gym.
So, I could get out of having to go to gym class if I wear a girl's uniform?
I don't think that's quite what he... uh, she... meant.
You know that would never fly with Father Quenton. It's probably some really elaborate excuse.
Father Quenton?
The principal. Don't let the fact that he's a holy man fool you. He's pretty cruel. He's always giving Rudy a hard time because of his being gay.
And that's why I prefer to stay under wraps myself.
But if your aunt says she took care of it, I'm sure everything's going to be fine.
I mean, the whole student body jokes that the man is evil incarnate, but I doubt he would REALLY go out of his way to cause trouble for the students.
Mrs. Parker? Yes, I happened to be looking at the roster and noticed a Senior girl, Rain Flaherty, is not assigned to any gym class.
What's that? Asthma?
Then she should have an inhaler.
I'm putting her in your class, so send someone to pick her up from Study Hall.

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