Rain:281: Foot

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Author Notes

And all of the friends are gathered together again. Albeit, within a mess of convoluted emotions and revelations.

Seeing them all together like this – despite the circumstances – makes me realize I just really love this crew. One of these days, I think I should make a really “plot-light” chapter (with no major drama or big revelations) of just these six hanging out all together. Especially since there’s not really any more secrets between them now. 


Wow. Everyone just happens to be here. Even Maria and Chanel.
How convenient.
What the...? Is that Ky?
Ky? Didn't you say he was a boy too?
He WAS a boy. I swear I didn't know about this one.
Here we go again.
Shall I open the Janitor closet for you?

Kylie stomps on Gavin's foot.

Rrrgh~! Yeah, I guess I had that coming...
Nice to meet you. The name's Ky. I'm a boy sometimes.

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