Rain:283: Selfish

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Author Notes

Not originally meant to be a two-pager, I actually joined these pages together figuring the first one to be kinda too much of a downer to post on Christmas Eve. I know a lot of readers get emotionally invested, and I’d feel horrible if I ruined someone’s holiday. The second page isn’t much cheerier, but at least we get to see the resolution of Aunt Fara telling Aiken what for.

So, um… yeah… 

Happy holidays? ^_^;


Oh hey, Aiken. Just you?
Ooh. what'd you buy?
Tell me something. Does the name "Rain" mean anything to you?

Fara thinks

It's Ryan.

Aiken looks incredulous and angry.

Don't look at me like that. You clearly figured it out already, or you wouldn't be asking me that.
How did you figure it out though?
Bumped into someone and pieced it together from there. So my little brother's a tranny too.
That still seems a bit of a far stretch of a conclusion. Do you know some other "trannies"?
Yeah. I do. And she...
And HE lied to me about it too. They're all a bunch of selfish liars.
And they all hurt people who care for them over this bullshit! It doesn't make any sense.
It make tons of sense. How would you like to feel as though you don't belong in your skin? To feel as though you're trapped in the wrong body?
See, that's what I'm talking about. Bullshit. It doesn't make sense. How can you be born in the wrong body? It's YOUR body. You are you. It's the right body!
Then you explain to me why your sibling cried so hard about it! She was TWELVE, telling me that it hurt and it was lonely and that she hated herself!
And then you can explain to me why I never saw the kid show interest in anything or smile even once until she started dressing as a girl!
Today was the first time in over half a year that Rain presented as a boy! And she did it for you! The true irony is that she lied for the FIRST time in six months for your sake, so you wouldn't hate her! But YOU are too selfish to see that!

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