Rain:285: Day's End

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Author Notes

Kind of a choppy page, but it’s more in the favor of moving things along (otherwise it’d be like three pages of completely unnecessary filler). Hopefully, you still get the important points. 

Still, I kinda like this page. The last panel is so bittersweet.

[EDIT] - Perhaps it was too subtle? ^^;

Fara talks to Colin in the beginning of the chapter Because of how things go, she is left with the impression that for Christmas to go smoothly, either Colin has to know about Rain, or Aiken does (or both). Fara has not been seen since then, and has apparently been out at the car for all this time, and on the first panel of the previous update, Fara is wiping her eyes. Based on her line in the final panel, one might be able to assume, she called him back and told him... and he didn't respond well to it. 

Based on reactions I'm hearing though, this may not have been entirely clear. I apologize.


Aiken. I have something I need to tell you.
Come on, Rain. You can ride home with me. You can come too, Kylie; we're going to the same place.
Do the rest of you mind getting home on your own? It's probably gonna be a long night for us.
No problem.
I'll call my mom.
I'm sorry we couldn't be more help. Especially me.
What happened? And where have you been all this time? Who was that guy that called before?
You mean Colin?
He's just another ex. He couldn't accept what was most important to me.

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