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Author Notes

Needless to say, Christmas is going to be, uh… fun?

I mean, what IS Aiken waiting for? Is he waiting for his chance to strike? Or maybe mulling over a way to apologize? Or maybe he still hasn’t figured out what to think? Thoughts are totally welcome. 

And just so we all know, there’ll be a short hiatus at for a little bit into the new year. Chapter 13 will begin on January 7th, 2013 (just one week). It will be the Christmas chapter (somewhat ironically, as it’s already over in real life now). Unlike the Halloween chapter - which I tried and failed to line up with its respective holiday accurately - I wasn’t really trying that hard to synchronize things this time. Still, I hope no one gets too disoriented by Christmas in the later Winter months. 


Aunt Fara told me Aiken already knew. That he met someone at the mall who saw me and somehow made the connection. That I'm apparently not the only transsexual he knows.
I kinda wish I knew who he talked to. The only person who knows that came to mind was Brother Arthur, but that didn't seem right at all...

Dec.23rd - Sunday:

Given that, she said I should dress how I wanted, so I did. (Although, Rudy still had my falsies...)

An arrow points to Rain that says "Flat as a board"

Aiken would stare every now and then, and only really gave one-word answers, but because he wasn't starting any fights, Aunt Fara didn't throw him out. I felt kinda bad, and really tried to talk to him but I think that only made things worse. At best, he'd just brush me away.

Dec.24th - Monday:

It got to the point where I kinda wished Aunt Fara had sent him away. I realize that's a pretty terrible thing to say, but really, he was just exhausting to be around.
But he seemed bored too. Why did he stay? It's like he was just sitting around waiting for me to say "just kidding" and dress like a boy again.

Dec.25th - Tuesday - Christmas:

For what it's worth, Aiken had brought home a Yuu Us from the mall that day. Presumably for me, for Christmas. He made no effort whatsoever to try and hide it, but as upset as he was, I'm kinda surprised he didn't just return it.

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