Rain:28: Phone Call

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Kellen calls Fara. Fara hangs up quickly due to being busy and not wanting to accidentally out Rain. Kellen is annoyed that her family seems to be avoiding her.

Author Notes

So. Be honest. How many of you forgot that Rain is the youngest of three?

1: Prologue 1

Introducing Rain’s older sister, Kellen (and vaguely mentioning Rain’s older brother, Aiken). I don’t feel inclined to describe her too much; I’d MUCH rather hear what you guys think about her so far. I mean, obviously, not much has been done with her yet, but a lot of really important dialogue has been spoken in this page (some parts much more subtle than others). ^_^


Hey, Kellen. Well, this is a pretty pleasant surprise.
What's the occasion?
Oh, and don't mind if you hear me swearing; that just means I'm dropping my students' homework all over the floor.
Oh, I see how you are, Aunt Fara.
I wanted to call sooner to find out how your move and new place is but I got behind on my phone bill.
You shouldn't do that do that you kn-. ...... ...... ...... Son of a BITCH!
Insightful as always, I see.
Wait, you don't need me to wire you money or anything, do you? They give me a discount on Ryan's tuition for working here, but it's still pricey.
What? Uh... no! Of course not! :ahem: Um... speaking of Ryan, how is my baby bro doing these days?
Shy as ever, of course. But you'll be happy to know she's already made some friends.
Did you just say "she"?
Did I? Uh... my bad. I guess I AM still tired from the move.
Excuse me, Mrs. Bryer?
Sorry to have to cut this short, Kellen, But it looks like I'm needed. I'll call you later, okay? Toodles!
(groan) First, Aiken. Now Aunt Fara. And Ryan won't even get a phone so I can't ever seem to get in touch with him...
Why does it seem like my whole family is avoiding me?

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