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Author Notes

That first page was murder. The worst part is it’s still lazy-looking. Bah.

Incidentally, I brought the setting into a church to create a scenario where Maria and Chanel could actually meet on Christmas. It seemed the best way when I was scripting it. Then when I drew it and looked at the page, noting Chanel’s texting Maria it dawned on me, I could have probably enacted an extremely similar scene entirely through text. I thought about changing it, but the page was already drawn by that point, and I’d spent more time than usual on it. Leave it to me to try and simplify things by dramatically overcomplicating it. o_o

On the opposite end of the drawing spectrum, Chanel has quickly become one of my favorite characters in this comic to draw. She’s just so tiny and cheek-pinchingly cute. 


Maria is feeling sleepy at church

Hm? Is my phone vibrating?

Maria's phone reads:

from Chanel

hey sleepyhead, look to ur right!

Maria looks to her right, and sees Chanel

from Chanel

can we talk??

I'm going to the bathroom.
Nice dress.
Had it since elementary school. Haven't grown an inch since. The torso's gotten a bit tighter though.
Ha! Mine's new, but it's not my thing. I wouldn't be wearing it if my mom didn't make me. Wish I had your "torso problem" though.
Um... so, listen. I'm really sorry. On behalf of everyone. You know, for not telling you about Rain. We didn't mean to keep it secret from you.
I mean, I guess we kinda did. But it wasn't PERSONALLY against you. It's for her sake. I mean, we only found out by accident. I really hope I didn't hurt you.
It's okay, Maria. It occured to me later that that was probably the case. Besides, I've been keeping things secret too.

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