Rain:292: Blushing

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Chanel confesses her love to Maria

Author Notes

Here’s a riddle for you: if a girl hates boys but is not a “lesbian”, yet (very) interested in dating a particular girl, what is she? It’s not really meant to be a secret like so many other developments in this story though. I kinda wanted to spell it out here, but I just couldn’t seem to work the word into the dialogue in a way that felt natural. I wanted to really stress how awkward and out of her comfort zone Chanel was even talking about this, no matter how eager she was to pursue it. So, I felt it would be kind of out-of-character if she could manage to articulate and pinpoint her feelings.

But there is a word for it, and it’s the first time this demographic is being addressed in the story (and I must say, I’m happy to include it at last). If you guess it, I won’t deny it. Otherwise, it will be revealed officially a little later.

Oh yeah, so MarNel is official now, I guess. It was kinda predictable (many of you jumped on that bandwagon the second they started talking again), but pat yourself on the back if you saw it coming. ^_^

This was a weird, all-over-the-place blurb… :O_o:


I feel like I've been leading you on, so I should probably just tell you. I really like you. Like, a lot.
But I'm not... um, like you. I'm not a lesbian. At least, I don't think.
You don't think? You definitely don't like boys though.
I know, I just... I feel comfortable and happy around you. I like you a lot. M-maybe even love you. But I'm having trouble being sure, 'cause I... I don't normally feel like this.
I just know I... want to keep being with you. Maybe even... be...
Be your...
Um... g-g...
I don't understand what's not lesbian about that, but...
...but I think... I'd like that.
I... I really like you too.
R-really!? Oh thank you, Maria! Thank you!

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