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Author Notes

Odd thought crossed my mind when I started to write this blurb. I don’t think Gavin’s dad has ever been mentioned before (maybe in Volume 1?). I can’t even recall a time when any readers addressed, “hey, what ever happened to Gavin’s dad?” Well, there you go. The question no one ever asked now has an answer. Surprised?


You're not even gonna say "hi"?
Gee, Gavin-baby. I'd love to, but I have a full schedule of spending the holidays with people who aren't your father.
Whatever floats your boat, ma. Later.

Knock knock

Gavin! Great to see you! Merry Christmas!
You too, dad.
Oh my god, is he here already?
Oh right. Have you met Frank?
You ask me this every time, dad. Yes, I know your boyfriend.

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