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Author Notes

Fun fact: This is a two page update for absolutely no reason. But the two pages here do not particularly mesh that well together, so this seems a rather odd choice, but in seeking the opportunity to have every scene go from the start of the week to the end of the week, with no waiting through the weekend, I had to join some pages together. In the end, you should just think of it as a freebie. ^_^

Another fun fact: Fans of Transformers (you know, “More than meets the eye”) are actually called “Trans fans”. There’s no end to the amusement this brings me. I’ve been waiting to make this joke in canon FOREVER. Happy to finally get it out there.

Lame fact: To this day, I still have no idea what to call “Rain” fans. Any thoughts?

[EDIT] Dialogue altered a little. It's now "Transchangers" instead of "Transmorphers", because apparently that was taken.


Whoa. This is a pretty rare Validus Prime model. Thank you so much, dad.
Do you still like Transchangers? I remember you were big on them back in the day. I was a little worried you might've grown out of it though.
Yeah, I've always been a Trans fan.

Gavin takes a moment to process what he just said

Uh, I mean... I... like Transchangers. A lot. Thank you.

Trevor and Frank have question marks above their heads

Uh, okay... So, uh, what's new in your world?
Are you still going out with that lesbian girl?
Nah. She finally came out. She may or may not be going out with this other girl we know now. We're still friends though.
Aww. That's so cute. I love that!
Agreed. But what about you? Got anyone in your life?
No... Well, I mean, I kinda like someone, but it's complicated.
I'm sorry. Is this a sensitive subject? Do you want to talk about something else?
No, it's fine. I need advice and I can't ask mom. She'll freak.
Do you remember... back when I was little... my friend, Ryan?
That little shy kid...?
Wait a second...
Wait, wait! Let me finish!

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