Rain:303: Don't Call Again

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Author Notes


I know a lot of you are going to home in on panel 3. I very purposely worded that confusingly. Could Emily have realistically taken anything from that? She’s a smart girl and all, but she’s an emotional mess at the moment and clearly has a lot of things on her mind. Speaking of which, she’s been getting cut off a lot here. It seems like she has something important to say, but couldn’t get a word in. There’s been some interesting guesses already, but I wonder what the truth is.

I’ll be happy to hear thoughts on Chase as well. Is he justified in all this, or is he just a jerkwad? 


But... but I'm...
You dumped me, Emily. And over what? Other people got more attention than you at your lame-ass little party? Or 'cause I kept looking at a girl to figure out why she was familiar?
And not that it matters anymore, but for the record, Rain did resemble someone I uesd to know. Not the same person, but they are related. It's like her sister or brother or... whatever.
Wait, what...? Who's what person's brother?
Yeah, I don't know. Whatever. That's not the point.
The point is, I liked you because I thought you were more mature than other girls your age. But listen to you. You're calling me on Christmas after not talking to me for nearly two months, and practically begging me to take you back. No. Sorry. I'm not doing this.
It's been swell, Emily. Have a Merry Christmas and a great life and all. But please don't call me again.


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