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Author Notes

For the record, I’ve lived in many apartments over the last eight years or so. And I’ve had my share of “loudreds” living above, below, or down the hall from me (in fact, my current residence may be the first time that I’ve been situated right next to a couple that seems to actually like each other). You don’t get used to your neighbors fighting all the time, per se, but Heather’s right. You can’t just intervene with any little thing. Unless they’re yelling at 3 in the morning, or it sounds violent, I wouldn’t bother.

Anyway, we now come full circle to the exact moment that the drama you’re waiting for is happening. After the first two pages of Kylie getting excited over the gifts and displaying a little self-acceptance, I admit I had some trouble filling the last day of this week with another page. Originally, I’d considered touching a little bit on the rest of their family (as that’s something I haven’t touched yet), but I didn’t feel one - or perhaps even two - pages would’ve been enough. End result: we can learn about the Coven family later. Let’s now segue back to the main character’s complicated Christmas affairs (that people have been cursing my name for two weeks over). 

No more waiting. We WILL at last know how things turn out on Monday. 


Aiken! Get your ass in here right now!
Whoa. Was that Fara? I've never heard them through the ceiling like that before.
It sounds pretty bad.
Should we do something?
I understand how you feel, but I really don't think we should get involved.
Besides, if I know Fara, I'd say she's got this covered.

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