Rain:307: Just Like Him

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Fara kicks Aiken out

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Whoa… O_O

Um, thoughts?


Okay, I'm gonna ask you straight out: when are you leaving?
I beg your pardon?
You're family, and I love you and all, but I kinda don't like you right now. And I don't want you here anymore since you can't seem to act like an adult and show some respect for your family - on Christmas, no less. So I'll ask again. When are you leaving?
Where am I supposed to go?
Where? How about your home? To your fiancee whom you love so much that you never want to talk about her.
But... she's a tranny too.
It's why I'm here. I left her. I wasn't planning on going back. I just... didn't expect Ryan to be...
I didn't realize I was surrounded by these people...

Fara slaps Aiken.

Leaving your loved one behind when she needed you the most. Not accepting people for being different. Do you have any idea who you sound like?
Don't say it...
Oh, so you realized it too?
You sound like your father.
Don't compare me to him...
Why not? You're just like him. The guy who wouldn't let me see my sister's kids because I was seeing a woman at the time.
The guy who just up and left without telling anyone when his wife got sick, and didn't even come back for her funeral.
Tell me how begrudging Rain for dealing with something you refuse to understand, and leaving your future wife for coming to you with her troubles is any goddamn different.

Fara glares at Aiken

I think I'd like you to leave now.

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