Rain:311: Loose End

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Author Notes

Okay, so this is the REAL last page of the chapter. I just wanted to make sure Kellen was addressed before moving on (more for the sake of her whereabouts than anything), since she was absent throughout this entire chapter. But for how little resolution we actually get, there are some interesting things to learn here (mostly within the first two panels).

The fourth panel was a last minute change too. Originally, I was considering dragging things out with Rain’s family – essentially having Rain face her sister in a different chapter later on. But besides feeling redundant, it just didn’t feel possible for Kellen to NOT find out sooner or later at this point. Plus, I feel like it would be pretty foolish for Rain to repeat the same course of events that clearly didn’t work for her once.

So, opinion time: Based on what we know about Kellen, how do we think she’ll react to this?


Hi, Kellen. Merry Christmas. What are you doing today?
I'm with a friend's family. She invited me. But that's not important. Aiken called me a little while ago. He said you kicked him out?
Yeah... Did he... tell you why? Out of curiosity?
Just that he and Ryan got in a fight. Can you fill me in on the details?
Mm. Could you hold a moment?
Do you want me to tell her what happened? Or you can? Or we can hold off for now. Your call.
Aiken didn't out me to her?
I... guess not. Honestly, I'm just as surprised as you.

Rain thinks.

Do you mind telling her? I'll just screw it up and cry again.
You sure?
She's gonna know at some point whether it's now or later, right? Let's just get this over with.
All right, Kellen. This going to take a while to explain. So get comfortable.
And no interrupting. Let me finish before you make your judgments.

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