Rain:316: This Blows

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Author Notes 

(Dirtiest joke yet, I think...) XD

Yet another long forgotten fact that hasn’t been mentioned in since it was first brought up (in this case, nearly 300 pages ago). Rain has asthma. Of course, we haven’t really seen her HAVE to contend with it. This particular situation is likely not inhaler-worthy, but it’s enough to send her into a coughing fit. 

The wording for this page was murder. I knew what I wanted Rudy to say in the fourth panel, but I had trouble finding that perfect balance of “believably innocent statement” plus “awkward double-meaning a group of teenagers will LUNGE on”. Frankly, I’m still iffy on it. At the same time, this is basically how I remember my high school days. You couldn’t say innocent words like “blow” or “swallow” or “beaver” even in the most clean of contexts without laughter erupting around you. It’s one of those things I REALLY don’t miss about being a teenager. 

Oh, any guesses to our door visitor?


And when no one suggested anything...

Except that it's an old ass game that doesn't work half the time.
Won't that aggravate your asthma?
Does that even actually do anything?

Knock Knock

I'll get that.
Want me to blow on it, Rain? I won't choke.
Wait... That came out wrong.
I-I mean, in context! Blow on... uh... IN the cart, of course!
R-right! Of course!
Hey, Rain. Can you can come here a second?
Yes, I can!

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