Rain:318: Something Good

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Author Notes

First off, because a lot of people seem to have forgotten who Jessica is, I’d like to remind you about Aiken’s fiancé. First seen here - 104: Hungover Most recently seen here - 279: Flashbacks

It’s also worth noting that this was almost not the page today. I changed the order of the next couple pages a bit. Originally, I was going to have Fara and Jessica leave, but have focus remain on Rain’s party before showing this. At the last second, I looked at it again and felt this flowed a bit better. We’ll get back to Rain next week. Let’s take a moment to learn more about what kind of person Jessica is for now.

So, what kind of person is Jessica? And WHAT is Aiken up too? XD


Well, first off. Nice to finally meet you. I wish I could say Aiken's told us so much about you, but... Yeah...
Well, how'd you find us anyway?
Aiken called me on Christmas. Gave me your address and said I should look you up. He didn't say why, but he claimed I'd find something. Something "good".
I'm surprised he did that...
And I'm even more surprised you even answered the phone, much less listened to what he had to say.
You kidding? I wanted the opportunity to curse the bastard out. I missed my chance when he abandoned me.
Hell hath no fury, eh?
...... ...... ......
That's how I wish I felt anyway...
The reality is that a part of me hoped his "something good" would be me finding him here saying he'd take me back.
I... assume that's not really the case.
Sorry, hon.

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