Rain:329: A Daring Truth

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Emily picks truth, and is asked if she is a virgin, to which she says no

Author Notes

Soooooo, here’s a topic that hasn’t been talked about very much so far (surprisingly). It was inevitable that it’d come up at some point though, I guess. 

So how about a random thought to pollute your minds with and initiate a little speculative discussion: do you think there’s anyone else in that room who isn’t? Who and why? 


You gonna be all right, dude?
I'll live.
Emily! Truth or dare!
Oh, I was hoping you'd say "dare"...
Is that so? I'm so sorry. In that case...
Ah, geez... I didn't really have anything good for this. Well, this is kinda dumb, but I dunno, are you a virgin?

Everyone looks at Emily


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