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Author Notes

Once again, Rain’s neuroticism knows no bounds. And it’s more or less true. If a person is panicked enough, they may start to fear totally irrational and implausible things. Even though Rain MUST know Mrs. Parker is just teasing and doesn’t actually have X-ray vision, the very minimal chance that she wasn’t lying was enough to freak her out.

Fortunately, Rain can apparently scream like a girl, thus protecting her secret. :D

This page is particularly special too for a number of reasons. First, it was actually just drawn yesterday. Yes, even though I’m 20+ pages beyond this scene, I decided something more needed to be squeezed into this arc (the best part about being ahead of the game). As such, this is actually the first of THREE new pages added into this chapter (although ironically, the last to be drawn). And it’s funny, because now I look at it and wonder how I ever thought not having this page was a good idea… ^_^

The other worthy mention is the art. The first panel depicts the very first semblance of a dynamic angle in this comic (you know, something other than perfectly eye-level). And if I may add, it was a really fun image to do and I’m very pleased with how it came out. Now I should probably work at making the rest of the comic so dynamic…


So, you're sure there aren't like any hidden cameras or something in here...?
...Or secret trapdoors for someone to come in here from another angle...?
...Or peepholes...?
...Maybe windows I didn't notice before when I came in...?
And did I ask about hidden cameras yet? There aren't any of those, right?
Is she serious about all that?
How about faculty or students with X-ray vision...?
Definitely serious...
Oh no, Rain! You just reminded me that I DO in fact have X-ray Vision!
I can see everything!
And what made you think that was a good idea?
WHAT!? I'm gonna go step outside until my ears stop ringing.

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