Rain:330: Complex Orientation

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Emily brushes off the previous question (if she is a virgin) without expanding on it, and helps explain to Chanel that she is homoromantic

Author Notes

It was kind of a last minute decision to make this a two-pager. I felt the first page did nothing to offer new information so I tacked on the next page (which kinda flows well with it anyway). AND it brings up lots of potential for fun debate over the weekend. There's just so much one could interpret and misinterpret here. XD

Oh, and of course, Chanel’s sexually is finally defined in canon (though it wouldn’t be impossible to figure it out sooner). If you did figure it out sooner, why don’t you just give yourself a pat on the back. 


Chanel. Truth or dare?
Whoa, whoa! Are you just going to leave it at that?
I answered the question honestly, and I wasn't asked to expound upon it. What else do you want?
Um... truth?
Are you actually gay?
N-no. I just... It's just Maria.
Are you normally straight then?
If you don't have to answer any follow-up questions, neither does she!
It's okay, Maria.
No. I don't think I'm straight either. I don't like boys.
Just what were you hoping to learn from that, Emily?
It's a curiosity, is all. Doesn't really matter though. It sounds like she's homoromantic, so your relationship is safe. Congrats, Maria.
Wait... Homoromantic?
Well, it sounds like she's asexual. She is indeed interested in having a relationship with Maria in a romantic way, but sexual intimacy is not necessarily a desired factor for her. Does that sound about right, Chanel?
I, um... yeah, actually.
So, could someone be like, gay but... heteromantic? Not exactly like bi, but...
O-or maybe vice versa?
Sure. Why not? The rainbow isn't black and white, Rain. There are an infinite number of possibilities.
I didn't know such a thing existed...
I find that a little hard to believe, considering your boyfriend.

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