Rain:337: Bringing in the New Year


Rain and Rudy, Chanel and Maria, and Gavin and Ky kiss for the new year

Author Notes

Incidentally, in retrospect, I probably should have had something on the page that says the New Year actually happened. I guess the content speaks to that effect, but really, a clearer indication probably wouldn’t have killed me. 

Whatevs. Nobody cares about that. You’re all here for the content.

So which one was your favorite kiss? Not for any discernable reason. I’m just nosy. XD


Rain and Rudy kiss
Chanel and Maria kiss

Kinda sucks to be one of the single ones, huh?

Gavin and Ky kiss

Wh-what the hell are you doing?
You were feeling left out.
I'm good!

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