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Author Notes

And once again, another one of those “who do you agree with” questions. Gavin or Maria

Although, perhaps the bigger question is actually Chanel’s. XD 


I still say we should just tell him Ky's a girl. I mean, that's what started all this, right?
I expected better from you.
What? Think about it. If we tell him, and he continues with the "gay thing", then it at least proves you're right and he's serious. If it turns out he changes his tune immediately upon hearing it, then we know he's full of crap.
Not necessarily.
If he's ashamed of being gay, he might use that fact to go back to forcing himself to pretend to be straight. Being closeted can be hard to give up if it makes you feel safe.
Futhermore, you'd be betraying Ky's trust outing her like that.
What are you, getting back at her for kissing you while dressed like a boy?
What? No! That has nothing to do with it! I'm just saying...
It's WAAAAAY too early for this kind of moral debate. Where do they get their energy?
I figure they're vampires. Vampires feeding off each other's hot blooded stubborness.
That'd be the only reasonable explanation.

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