Rain:349: Outrageous

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Author Notes

Clearly, they just don’t get his sophisticated sense of humor. XD


What are you so giddy about? Your aunt win a million dollars or something?
Uh... heh heh. Sorry, it's a really long story.
And how...
You see the new girl yet?
No, is she here?
Not even. It's a January Boy this year, it seems. Nothing fun though. Just some gangly-ass freshman kid. I like my tall guys, but I prefer them older... and maybe a little more meat on their bones.
He's in your grade, Chanel. You'll probably get to know him soon.
I don't really want to...
And what's eating you? Shouldn't you be saying something goofy and outrageous right now?
I, uh... need to hit my locker before class. I'll see you at lunch, Rain.
I don't get it...
I'm not sure that was intended to be outrageous.

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