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Author Notes

Let me ask you this: when you heard the word “therapist,” what were you expecting? Was it him? Mind you, we still don’t know much about him.


Hey, Vincent! Do you have any openings for new patients?
An out of the blue statement, coming from you. Aren't you already my patient?
Yeah, but... well, obviously it's not for me. She's trans and I think she should really be getting on this.
And all I could think is, "Who is the best transgender therapist in the world?"
That would be Vincent Valverde, of course.
You flatter me. Are you sure you've got the right guy?
Unfortunately, Jessica, I'm not really taking any new patients at this time.
As long as I have you here, how are you holding up with... with everything.
Truthfully, helping this kid has been taking my mind off things. She reminds me of myself four years ago.
..... ..... ..... All right. I'm not making any guarantees, but I'll look and see if can squeeze her in somewhere. Let me call you back later.
Hells yeah~!

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