Rain:354: Ten Bucks

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Author Notes

Anyway, Maria and Gavin making bets with each other was a piece of their dynamic that was kind of abandoned from lack of necessity so far. No lie; the last time they do this is the first page they appear on! I kinda wanted it to be a running thing (to address their constantly differing opinions on almost everything in a semi-amusing way), but I just haven’t needed it. That said, if it’s still only been these two times, than I’ve used every chance I could so far.

That said, is this proof enough that Gavin wins? Or is Maria right and this could this be a case of Drew making excuses to jump back into the closet where it’s safe? Sure, they’re both sticking their noses where they don’t belong, but aren’t we all just a little curious?


Oh, Maria. Hey.
Hey yourself, Gavin. What's up?
I just wanted you to know... you owe me ten bucks.
We made a bet this morning. If Drew turns out to be straight, I win. If he's gay, Maria wins.
You're guys are both terrible people...
And he's straight.
Bite me. Where's your proof?
There was a January Girl, after all. She just came in late. Didn't catch her name, but she's a junior. Very cute. And Drew's been clinging to her every chance he gets.
...... ...... .......
Wipe that smug-ass look off your face. I'm not convinced. And I'll be holding onto my money until I know for sure.

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