Rain:355: Happy, but...

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Author Notes

This is just a personal pet peeve of mine, but when I say I don’t want to talk about something, and the other person tries to guess what it is anyway… ALWAYS gets under my skin. Used to happen to me a lot. I dunno. Apparently, I had a lot of friends who just can’t let things go. Thankfully, this isn’t something I have to really deal with anymore.

And YET! Despite my detesting Emily’s attitude on this page… I kinda feel bad for her. When you put together the context from her perspective, not telling Emily does seem off. Because the only people Rain’s been able to tell her news to so far (at school, no less) was Rudy and Chanel. Rudy’s the boyfriend, so sure, he gets to know her secrets. But who’s Chanel again? Some friend’s girlfriend? “Why does she get to know? I’m the sister figure!”

Sometimes, I honestly miss high school. And then I think of situations like this, and think, “nah, I’m good.”


Seriously, Rain. It's been nagging at me. What's this thing you're so happy about?
Like I said, it's a long story.
Does it have something to do with that woman on New Year's?
I told you... my big secret, you know.
Well, yeah, but...
Rudy was acting weird this morning. Did he propose to you?
Oh! Did you get in contact with your brother and sister again?
Bump into your favorite celebrity on the way to school?
Look... Can I... at least tell you sometime when we're not in school. Like your secret, this isn't something I want anyone else to hear.
I don't understand. You're happy about it... but you don't want anyone to know.
Except this morning you told Rudy - which I get...
...but also Chanel?
And yet, you're hesitant to tell the person you call "sister"?
Erm... i-it's, um... it's really complicated.

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