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Author Notes

In the script, this was written to be a two-page update. And then it was almost two separate updates. And then I just condensed it to a single page. Not that you’re losing any content this way. All it really did was separate the introspective aspect and the punch line. I changed the setup more than anything because I needed to get this page ready a bit more quickly than usual, and my new tablet was already acting up a bit (it turned out to be the heat; I moved my desk closer to the AC and it works better now). Still, I hope you’ll forgive the wonky setup of this page. Everything goes back to normal with the next page.

So, um… who’s Rain talking to? Actually, this is a very introspective page for her (and the first time she’s ever cursed). I’m hoping this isn’t too subtle in explaining what happened, because I’d really rather not have to spell it out. But let’s just say her body reacted to something - causing great discomfort to her - and she needed to wait it out somewhere in secret. I can’t speak for every transgirl, but I know for me, this “reaction” was always kind of devastating and did bear potential to lead to dysphoria (especially if it happened in public). But what caused it? Was it indeed “spontaneous”, or do we have the January Girl to blame for this?

And yet after all the introspection, Brother Arthur’s face just cracks me up. :D


Ugh. How embarrassing. Stupid anatomy.
Just you wait. I'm starting transition soon, and then your number is up. I won't have to deal with any more spontaneous... visits.
I'm totally late for math class now...
I don't even care. Like I could concentrate now. I'm, like, super dysphoric now. That therapy session can't come soon enough.
Damn it...
This is so frustrating...
So good of you to join us, Rain. Is there some reason for your lateness?
Um... feminine issues.
Oh... of course. Why don't you take a seat then?

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