Rain:358: Function

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Author Notes

Poor Rain. For those of you who are less familiar with the experience, dysphoria really is just this constant downward spiral. Once one little thing sets a person off, their mind starts wandering to every other crap thing in their life. At least, that’s my experience. 

And then poor Maria. She wants to help; she can’t just let her friend beat herself up like this. But she doesn’t seem to be having much luck.



So, feminine issues, huh?
Or issues with the lack thereof.
Oh. It was serious? I'm sorry. Did something happen?
Dysphoria's fun like that. It just comes and goes as it pleases. I'm always just one "uncontrollable bodily function" away from depression.
Oh. That. Well, I hear from Rudy you're starting therapy soon though. I mean, that's good, right? I've only done a little research, but well, then you can start taking hormones, right? And that'll cease that, um function.
Maybe. It's still not soon enough.
Sorry. New topic?
Have you met the January... er, January people yet? There's a boy and a girl, so I guess we need a more politically correct term.
Doesn't have the same ring to it though.
Maybe the boy's not a boy. Maybe he's a she, and she's trans. Then you could keep saying January Girls if you want and I wouldn't be the only trans girl here any more.
N-nevermind. I'm just thinking out loud.

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