Rain:359: Dysphoria

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Author Notes

I want to apologize for the long string of mopey pages these past few updates. I know some of this is potentially a little bit triggering for my trans readers. But bear with me. The next page comes with a little more fun. Actual fun.


Hey, ladies. What's going on?
Rain's depressed.
What's up? Weren't you in a good mood this morning?
Occupational hazzard of being me, I'm afraid.
If Aunt Fara were here, she'd tell me to try not to let it get to me. That the issues I'm facing now are temporary. In fact, thing could be changing real soon!
I know this. I see this.
And yet I just feel so impatient. I don't want it soon. I want it now It should be happening now. It should've happened a long time ago. I should've just been born right.
I think I was actually better off when I didn't know this was coming.
I'm sorry, Rain. I wish there was something I could-...
It's okay. I'll live.
Sooooo... On a lighter note, where's Rudy and Chanel?

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