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Author Notes

Gavin is stomping angrily in your direction. Should you be worried? Y/N? 

Much like the boys of the previous page, the other female classmates have not been formally named in canon yet, so once again to make things for you: The freckly-faced redhead is Holly. The plump, spectacled girl is Debbie. And the snobby blonde ringleader (who actually HAS been named) is Emily.

It’s funny, because these are the kinds of girls I would’ve HATED in my high school days… and yet, I had so much fun with this page. I would even go so far as to say I regret not having had more opportunities to work with them quite yet (and the boys too, actually). 

Sigh… Leave it to me to get attached to my supporting cast.

And yes. FaceSpace. It’s an exceedingly popular social networking site among teens… and practically everyone else too. What? Were you thinking it was called something else? I’ve mentioned this once before, but there is no actual product placement in this comic. That said, I’m all for parodies. ^_^


Gavin is stomping angrily in our direction...
Should we be worried?
He looks a little... dangerous...
Don't worry he seems focused on Maria and her new best buddy. I think something's about to go down.
Omigod! Do you think Gavin and Maria are going to break up?
Actually, that would be kind of exciting.
I'm used to only reading about the juicy stuff on FaceSpace. But it's cooler to see it live.
Personally, I don't even care.
I barely even know either of them. And based on what I do know, Maria's a bitch and Gavin's a jerk. So it's actually kind of justice to see it happen.
Although I must admit I am curious to know how Rain ties into all of this. Maybe I'm just imagining things, but it looks to me as though she came in between them somehow.
Rain? Really? She seems so sweet.
I don't know. ever since the little "squeak show" that earned her so much attention, something about her just rubs me the wrong way. She's lying about something. I think the sweetie-pie thing is an act. I just don't know why.
Um... Where's our teacher during all of this?
Ooh! So you think she's being insincerely cute to try and bag the guys in our class?
And god knows why, but yeah. She's just begging for attention and it bugs me.
That, and I hate liars.

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