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Somewhat goofy page, but with character development for good measure. 

Pfft. I have absolutely no idea what to say about this page. Share your thoughts, and maybe it’ll jumpstart my brain a bit.


Forgetting Drew for a second, she IS really cute. And charming. May I ask why you haven't asked her out yet?
Ana? Well, she is, but...
Or are you holding out for your one true love?
You know, by which I mean Holly... or was it Ky? Who do you like again?
Shut up. YOU said I liked Holly. And Ky kissed ME.
I know, I know. I'm just teasing. Seriously though, maybe you should go for Ana. Assuming she's straight, then she might be into a nice guy like you who can just NOT be a sex-crazed pervert like most of the rest of our classmates.
Who says I'm not a pervert?
Maybe you are. But you don't act like it.
We dated for a long time, and you never once tried to convince me "I wasn't really a lesbian" or anything. You never forced your hands on me. You never even kissed me until I told you to. If I was actually straight, I'd have been an idiot to give you up.
Uh, wow... thank you. I wasn't expecting that.
Wait. Are you trying to butter me up so you can get out of paying up on the bet? Because Drew totally proved himself just now.
I haven't lost anything! He's in denial!
You're the one in denial!
No! I'm right!

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