Rain:366: Couples

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Author Notes

It’s hard to make commentary here without it turning into spoilers, so let’s hear from you instead. ^_^


Oh, hey guys~!
H-Holly! Hi! Hello!
Hey, Rain. I didn't expect to find you here, but I'm glad I ran into you.
Oh? Why? What's up?
Devon and I are going up to the mall this weekend. It's just a hangout really, but I was thinking it might be fun if you and Rudy came with us as like a double date.
After all, you guys are like the ONLY other couple in the school.
Although, I hear you like the January boy. Congrats!
No, that's... actually...
So, what do you say, Rain?
Actually, yeah! That... sounds like a lot of fun! I'll talk to Rudy tonoght. He'll totally be into it.

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