Rain:371: Smiling

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Ana passes Rain the the hallway and greets Rain warmly. Rain feels her body do something uncomfortable and heads to the bathroom.

Author Notes

Oh, Rain. Poor kid just can’t catch a break. Thank god for that conveniently located bathroom, at least. XD

Ana’s utter innocence to the situation just makes it all the more awkward and amusing, in my opinion. I wouldn’t call her a ditz or anything, but she CLEARLY has no idea what kind of affect she has on Rain. 


January 4th - Friday:

Rain thinks to herself:

And as if I wasn't confused enough, I still had to deal with the January Girl, Anastacia.
I mean, we're not in the same grade, so we don't have any classes together. But I seem to pass her in the halls an awful lot.
And she's always smiling! Always so nice!
Hi, Rain.

Rain continues thinking:

It's kind of a problem.
H-hi... I mean. Um, wait. No, yeah. Hi.

Rain continues thinking:

Why do I get like that? I know I'm shy. I've always been shy. But Ana... she...
...... ...... ......
Oh, for the love of...

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