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Author Notes

Obviously, what Devon is saying is completely horrible, and yet in his mind, it’s all just friendly banter. These kinds of pages never really get easier to write. Rudy seems to be good at playing along with situations like this (I guess you could say he’s a good actor), but is it the right thing to do?

On a lighter note - just ‘cause I’ve been talking fashion lately - I wanted to draw attention to what the boys are wearing. Honestly, there’s little to report on Devon. I just seem him as the type to always be very casual, even on a date. I can imagine Holly giving him an earful about that, but it’s just not his style. Rudy finds himself in a blue button down. This particular design came to me on account of A FANART someone had drawn depicting him in a blue button down. I went with a darker shade, but I have the artist to thank for Rudy’s design in this chapter. ^_^


Here they come.
I gotta say, dude. I never expected to do something like this with you. Especially with you having a hot girlfriend yourself.
Yeah. I guess I could say the same for myself. Especially the girlfriend part.
You know what, man. I always found myself uncomfortable around you. But now that you're not gay anymore, I gotta say: you're all right.
Uh... yeah. Thanks, I think.
Now Drew's the problem. I don't know what his deal is anymore.
I don't think even Drew knows what Drew's deal is.
Ha ha ha! So true!

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