Rain:377: Commitment

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Author Notes

I actually wanted to include the meeting of Heather and Jessica in the last chapter, but there was just no room for it. I’m so glad I could finally fit it in here. ^_^

Awkward conversation is awkward.


So, you're clearly not related to Fara and Rain. What's your connection?
I was almost related. I'm Rain's older brother's ex-fiancee... uh, as convoluted as that sounds.
Oh, ouch. I'm sorry to hear. What happened?
Heh. Long story. I'd rather not get into it.
How about you? Anyone in your life?
Nah. I've had a few boyfriends, but none for very long. I'm not good with commitment.
Too many promises I can't fulfill...
Let's just say, I have a lot of emotional problems, and on top of that... well, I can't get pregnant, which makes me afraid to get too involved.
...... ...... ......
You're not alone, hon. I can't either.

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