Rain:380: Jealous

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Author Notes

Ever just have words come out of your mouth without thinking? And then the moment you finish your statement, you regret everything? Yeah. That’d be Rain, here. XD

They’re at an ice cream shop, by the way. Frosty Rock? Raskin Bobbins? Jen & Barry’s? Nah. This place is called “ICE CREAM”, because you know you can trust a place that screams what it sells. XD


We'll go order.
Okay. thanks, boys!
You and Devon seem to be good for each other. I'm kinda jealous.
Of what? You two are totally cute together too. It was so nice of Rudy to give up being gay for you.
I don't know if that's actually what happened.
Either way, you're a really cute couple.
Why did I say that?

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