Rain:383: Why I Love You

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Author Notes

For a moment, imagine that you’re Rain’s position. Are you satisfied with his answer?

And how about Holly and Devon? Any danger of them figuring anything out from that?


Contrary to popular belief, I'm still - and will always be - gay. You're different, though. You stand out.
What exactly is that supposed to mean? I don't even want to stand out.
Look, you live in fear every single day of your life. Afraid that people won't accept you. Afraid that people will shun you. Afraid that people will hate you.
And yet you do what you have to anyway. Despite your fears, or your depression, or your personal handicaps.
You're no better off than anyone else - you may even have it harder than most people - and yet you refuse to let any of that stop you.
You are yourself everyday regardless of all the things that hold you back, because you're strong. And that strength makes you more honest, more driven and more open than anyone else I know.
And that, Rain, is why you stand out.
That's why I love you.
Wait. I'm confused about something.
Holly, put your hand down.

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