Rain:397: Much Better

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Rudy tells Maria that he broke up with Rain, and cries alone

Author Notes

Sorry guys, this one’s rough. 

On the plus side, the next chapter is going to be mostly very light-hearted. It kinda needs it at this point. However, there will be a hiatus of exactly the same amount of time it is until the next update (that means no hiatus, by the way; next update this Friday). ^_^


How was your date?
It was fun, for the most part.
We did break up though.
Wh-what? Why? What happened?
Do you mind if I tell you a bit later. I need to take care of something.
Oh, um... sure.
Things would only get better for both of us from here on out.

Rudy closes the door behind him

It was sort of comforting to think what he must be doing right now. His parents will freak, but he wouldn't let it get to him. Not Rudy.

He puts his hand to his face

If I know Rudy, he's probably off teasing Maria right now.

He bends and faces down

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