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Author Notes

Quite the diverse set of reactions. And once again, with poor Rudy always being made out to be the villain. Going to school with closed-minded homophobes and dimwits allows this kind of thing unfortunately. Perhaps it IS better Rain doesn’t come out.

That said, is there ever really a GOOD time to come out?


January 7th - Monday:

Rudy and I were officially broken up at school. And as far as the majority of people knew, he was gay "again".
The other girls in my class kept apologizing to me. They kept saying how cruel it was for Rudy to "do that to me".
It's all my fault! If I hadn't had that stupid double date this wouldn't have happened!
The date was kind of irrelevant, Holly.
Unfortunately, people were not as sympathetic as him.
Dude. That is messed up. She trusted you. You're worse than he is.
Yeah, you're... Wait, what? H-hey...
You guys don't even try to understand...
I considered coming out - about my orientation, NOT my gender - so people would understand it was a mutual break up.
But he thought I should wait until this all settled down.
If you come out now, these idiots are just going to think you "caught gay" from me or something. They're never going to believe how you feel.
We don't need to reinforce any stupid stereotypes, so just give it like a month, at least, to blow over.
...which was actually a huge relief because who was I kidding? I don't want to come out!

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