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Rudy explains that Maria was so determined to pretend to be straight that Gavin asked Maria out. When Gavin refused to back off without an explanation, Rudy told Gavin, "Dude, she's a lesbian."

Author Notes

Ah, here I go mixing serious and silly on the same page again. It’s actually kind of a nice balance I think, since I can offer you a little bit of everything. And speaking of “everything”, this is a VERY important page. We learn something new (or at least have something clarified) about nearly every major character.

I had actually typed up an excessively long blurb here (as usual) to spell things out a little, but I should really learn to stop doing that. So how about YOU tell ME what you learned about everybody? ^_^


I don't personally have any qualms with being out, but I get harassed occasionally by the other guys. And the teachers don't usually do anything about it because I supposedly "provoke" it.
But whatever. What do I care what they think anyway?
Maria, on the other hand, is afraid of that. I guess I can't technically blame her, but it's hard when you just want to be yourself.
But I'm sure I don't need to explain that to you. You probably know all about the hurt of being who others want you to be versus who you are.
Oh my god. Tell me about it
Thanks to her act though, I guess it was only a matter of time before a guy would ask her out
She immediately turned him down.
But Gavin doesn't tend to just let things go without an explanation, and Maria wasn't going to give him one.
So, I decided to help out in my own way.
Dude. She's a lesbian.

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