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Author Notes

Maria’s so crafty sometimes. All that explanation without lying OR saying too much. Although, I believe Rudy’s done the same thing in the past. I’d say it runs in the family, but judging by their parents, I guess it skipped a generation? XD

The last panel is interesting though. Although the two girls don’t really get along under normal circumstances, the last panel has Maria showing concern for Emily. Probably on account of Maria knowing "that thing" about Emily that she shouldn’t…

I wonder how long she can keep up the crafty smooth talking... 


Hey, Emily. I just wanted to thank you again for pitching in so much for Rain's gift.
I was happy to do it. Though it sure would be nice if she answered my texts.
She hasn't answered anyone. Knowing her, she doesn't know how to text yet.
Besides she's got that therapy appointment today, so she's surely busy.
About that... What was it for again?
She's told you about her brother and sister, right? She's still really beating herself up about that, so you know how it goes.
What did she actually do to them? Is this because she came out?
You know, she's never really gone into much detail about it, but maybe...
I see...
So... how are you?

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