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Oof. I’m not sure which one I feel more badly for.

There’s a lot to digest here, but what are your thoughts on this whole matter? Could either girl benefit from coming out to the school about their relationship or would such a thing end in disaster? Do we think Chanel’s fears concerning Maria are plausible, or is she overreacting? Is Maria being reasonable about Chanel's concerns or not? And any thoughts on Brett, just to cover everything?


I've been wanting to ask you this all week, but I... I...
Nothing personal, but I don't want to be late for class, so either make it quick or we can talk later.
I want to go public about our relationship!
But why? It... it doesn't need to be a public thing. We're both happy and that's all that matters, right?
Trust me, coming out hasn't done me any favors.
It's Brett, the January Boy. Everyone's teasing me about being a couple with him. This morning, this girl, Ashley, in my science class wrote this really dirty love note, forging my name on it and stuffing it in his locker. And then he yelled at ME over it, thinking it was authentic.
Everyone's calling it a lover's quarrel...
That's horrible, but you should probably report that to a teacher, you know.
Look, Chanel. They're not going to stop teasing you if you come out saying you're dating another girl. If anything, they'll just tease harder. And Father Quenton will start getting on your case all the time.
You're still a freshman and have many years to go before you can get out of this place, and I don't want you to have to go through that if you don't have to.
It's also about Rain.
What do you mean? What about her?
I like Rain a lot. She's my friend. But I don't want to lose you to her.
You said you had a crush on her before. And now she's single. And she likes girls. And...
I'm just scared that you only agreed to date me because she was taken.


I'm sorry. You're late for class now because of me. I-I should go.
Chanel... I...

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